80's Baby
80's Baby
80's Baby
80's Baby

80's Baby

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Whether you're an 80's Baby or you love the 80's, baby... this pattern will GET YOU GOIN!


  • Laid out: 32" x 52" (about the size of a beach towel)
  • Rolled up: 8.5" x 3" x 3" (smaller than a Chipotle burrito)


  • Made with 5 recycled plastic water bottles
  • 80% Recycled polyester, 20% nylon

Conversation topics:

  • Double-sided two-pattern print (different design on each side)
  • Super lightweight (8 oz, or about two sticks of butter)
  • Ultra-absorbent (aka dries you fast)
  • Quick-drying (dries 4x faster than cotton)
  • Incredibly soft